Surrounded by a sea of forestgreen and skyblue, but moreover a little less than 300 other special humanbeings, I had the best start of my 26th year of life I could ever imagine.

If you want to experience both success, abundance, integrity, joy and love being integrated, I would send you to Enlightened Warrior Camp in Spain. Everything we have been through together, fysical and emotional challenges, have been resulting in a transformational shift within me. I broke through my beliefs and patterns regarding relationships with men, but also reconnected with my willpower to manifest a better world with more love and peace for everyone. Also, I can not find words for how grateful I am that I had the chance to be part of the transformations of many other souls at this sacred place in Spain. The world would definitely be a more joyful, peaceful and loving place if we all treat eachother like we did last week.

I thank the universe and all my fellow warriors for this a-ma-zing experience! A’HO!


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